In 9 Steps, I’ll Show you How to Setup Your Own Fully Automated Online Business From Your Own Home, If I can’t I’ll refund All your money and let you keep the valuable bonuses for your trouble!

I’m Selling My Ebook Already!

I finished reading David’s Ebook 19 Days ago and already I’ve made $552.73 with my own ebook. David was right, there simply is no better feeling than waking up every morning to see you sold an ebook while you slept.

Without the Information in “ebookprofitmaker” I would have never thought I could setup a fully automated online Ebook business. The chapter on how to setup and automate your own sales page is truly amazing. I had my own sales page up and running in less than a day.

What I like most about the ebook is, it’s simple, very practical and isnt over hyped like other Ebook.

It’s the one resource i use again and again.The bonuses alone are worth more than the price of the complete package.

If you want a simple way to make money online, I would recommend this ebook to anyone!

Peter Johnson

Florida, US

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    From: David Hennebery

    Author, ”eBookProfitMaker-9 step guide to eBook Publishing, Marketing and Sales website”

    Dear Internet Friend,

    Yes, you really can make lots of money online.

    If you are interested in starting up your own easy-to-run online business, enjoy financial independence from selling your own eBook, the satisfaction that comes from being an author and without having to spend a lot of money to get started, then this is the most important letter you will read this year.

    Here’s why:

    I’ll teach you how to write and publish your own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable eBook in 9 easily explained steps. This powerful new course will show you how to write eBooks and use the most effective internet marketing strategies. You will learn how to set-up a sales website just likes the professionals.

    Imagine how great it’ll feel to wake up in the morning, check your email, and see that while you were sleeping… your website was actually making money for you! Trust me, it’s a great feeling!

    You’ll learn how to set up a completely automated system that gives you a lot more time to market your eBook. If you’ve always thought that running a profitable internet business was difficult, you’ll be shocked and delighted when you see how easy it is, once you try my 9 steps for yourself.

    They are literally dozens of eBooks that tell you how to select a market and how to write a great eBook. But they don’t tell you how to get the website up and running. My eBook is the first eBook that integrates all these ideas together, to provide the best complete package around.

    Extremely High Profit Margins!

    “ZERO” delivery cost – no printing or postage

    A low-risk business you can operate virtually anywhere in the world

    Make money on “autopilot” 24 hours a day!

    Prestige and recognition as a “best selling” author

    The answer is a fortune. Just imagine selling say 1,000 copies of your ebook, each of which cost the buyer $49.95. That’s nearly $50,000 you made for doing almost nothing and you get to keep 100% of every penny.

    When you learn the secrets to making your first ebook, the second is simple…and the third and the fourth…and so on.

    Your income will vary depending on the subject of your ebook. You can make a few hundred or a few thousand a month. One fellow I know has made more than $150,000 his first year as an ebook author.

    If you are really serious and have the desire to make money (a lot of money ) and the capacity to follow our step by step formula, you can make big profits

    I’ve been operating online for 4 years. I’ve read hundreds of dollars worth of eBooks. Also I have tried numerous different pieces of software. You will get my honest opinion in the eBook.

    I studied business in college and majored in marketing. I’ve spend years learning how to promote products. I have tweaked this knowledge, so now I’m an expert in promoting and selling eBooks on the internet.

    I have a reputation to conserve. With other internet business projects, I wouldn’t risk my reputation for some dodgy funny-business.

    I have used the steps in this eBook to make a full time profitable income over and over. This package isn’t just thrown together. I’ve been earning a living on the internet, so I don’t plan on going anywhere fast

    This is one amazing book!

    David Hennebery provides a simple yet effective formula for internet entrepreneurs to get their own e-book published on the internet. He will introduce you to all the tools necessary to get the job done in the most effective way and the shortest possible time.

    I will recommend David’s e-book to anyone that would like to get step-by-step instructions to writing their own eBook and creating online profits.

    Roux Malan


    Top ways of searching for great domains names and what I use myself

    How to create links between your pages and what links you must have present

    Where you can go for a virtually unending range of other successful ebook sales sites for inspiration and ideas whenever you need it

    I’ll show you sample pages built by myself to illustrate my points and give you some ideas.

    The idiot-proof way to add a newsletter “sign up” form to your site (including the html form.

    l’ll show you where to look for web hosts and what to look for when making a choice.

    What software I use myself to run my site after testing dozens of different options and why I think it’s the best in the market

    How to install rock-solid security on your site making it virtually impossible for non-customers to download illicit copies of your valuable ebook.

    Find out exactly which graphic designers I use myself and why?

    The best possible way to deliver your eBook.

    Creating your thank you and download pages

    Setting up and selecting your Autoresponder service

    And much more…

    It is NOT for those who aren’t willing to put some work, and time into creating their eBook (I will however teach you shortcuts and easier methods of putting it together and marketing it). Contrary to much of the hype out there, creating a great eBook that offers solid information and advice does take time and research. But the results are more than worth it. Some books claim to have you making money in as little as seven days. This isn’t possible. My book takes 14 days to start making profits

    By investing some effort into writing your eBook, you will see a return on your investment over and over. Best of all, you’ll avoid the mistake that most people writing eBooks make: they don’t research what will sell.

    It is NOT just another hasty compilation of articles disguised as information. Instead, it’s a real educational course (72 pages of amazing information, and time saving shortcuts), packed with real, usable, practical advice that you can start using right away

    A Valuable Resource!

    “David, it’s crystal clear you put a lot into this point-for-point tutorial. Your ebook virtually walks the reader through each step involved in product research, creation, selling and promotion.

    It is especially helpful for beginners but even intermediates will find lots of helpful hints that will make them money.”

    Kunle Olomofe


    I Know that if you just try this Ebook, you will see immediate results and will never look back. So for just trying my product today, i’ll give you a 30 Day money back guarantee from the date of purchase!

    No Questions Asked!

    You can try my Ebook Risk Free with absolutely nothing to lose

    I’ll Provide you with links to free software that will allow you to build your site with no experience required

    Teach you, step by step, with screenshots of the actual program involved, exactly how the software works so you’ll know how to get it to do just what you want

    I’ll tell you exactly what pages your site needs (even down to the names of the pages),…

    I’ll show you how to upload it to the Internet so it works perfectly

    You’ll be shown how to take care of the backend: payment processing, setting up a download page, and automating customer support.

    The best methods of promoting you eBook and where to promote them.

    The secret of getting others to promote your book (get them to sell for you, while you sit back and earn).

    How to make from $500 to $3000 a week with an ebook (there are more people doing this than you realize)

    How to avoid spending months writing an ebook, only to find there’s no way in the world you could sell it for a profit

    Identify a Target Market with laser-beam focus

    How to choose the best publishing software for your project.

    Which eBook compilers have the features you’ll want and need, with a review of the major two

    Writing great sales letters and -how to create them that will beat your competition!

    How to write your best selling eBook

    Fantastic Step by Step Guide

    “David Hennebery is a name that stands out and commands attention in the internet marketing community.He’s taught countless people how to develop and successfully publish their own ebooks. Armed with his specialized eBook Profit Maker training course now you too can learn how to begin making hundreds or even thousands of dollars by simply turning your unique knowledge into an ebook that will make you residual profits for years to come.

    Your tiny investment in this information rich training course will show you everything you need to know and more, and has solid potential to reap you endless income once you get your own ebook published and online.

    His uncompromising 30 day risk free money back guarantee proves that he stands behind his course and ensures that you have absolutely nothing to lose and yet everything to gain by securing your own copy today. You definitely can’t go wrong by studying under David Hennebery.”

    Matt Hughes


    Order before 2am on the 7th of February 2006 and get these bonuses Free

    Secrets Revealed of a Successful Online Marketer

    Over 60-minutes of advanced, in-depth audio information on how to profit from your own information products. This comes straight from the master information product developer Willie Crawford – By Patric Chan.

    Value $38

    The Ultimate Joint Venture Software V3.0

    Joint Venture Software lets you make mind blowing JV offers Brand New Ver 3.0 Complete .Newly Released.

    Never Before Seen Software Generates Perfect Joint Venture Letters That Will Instantly Line Your Pockets…Even If You Don’t know What You Are Doing!”

    What if I told you that a simple “fill-in the blanks” piece of software can generate the perfect offer that will make other entrepreneurs run over each other in order to promote YOUR product or service?

    With Resale and distribution Rights

    Value $97

    Screen Shoot-It

    Screen Shoot-It is a very simple and easy to use program to capture screenshots from your computer.


    · Can capture the last active screen, the full screen or the user selected area accurately

    · It numbers each picture consecutively

    · Creates jpeg images for use

    · Can capture the entire screen, the active window or just select what you want

    · Full resell rights included!

    It is a very useful program to capture images for your information product.

    Value $15

    Copyright basics

    You’ll learn how to get a copyright (it’s much easier than you think), how long a copyright remains valid, what you legally can (and can’t) copyright, and much, much more.

    Mini Site Creator Secrets

    Fascinating interview with top ebook seller Jim Edwards on how to set-up a mini-site and other various marketing aspects

    Value $10

    Answers to 44 real life Merchant account Questions

    This bonus will answer all your questions you want to know about merchant accounts (included in this, is loads of questions on clickbank).

    Safelist Information Book

    I read this book and found it extremely useful. It gives a list of some great safelist resources .Also it will teach you exactly what safelists are.

    Total Bonus Value


    So, how much is all this information going to cost you?

    Several people I’ve shown this to told me I should charge $300. I agree it’s worth that, and I would probably make more money at that price. The only reason I’m not charging that much is you’d already have to be rich to justify paying $300 for this breakthrough information

    The regular price for eBookProfitMaker is $69.99. However, until 01:59am on the 7th of February, I’m giving 65% Off. So to avoid disappointment buy my eBook now for only $29.99. You can make $29.99 back with just 1 sale of your own Ebook.The price will automatically be reset to $69.99 at 1:59am 7th of February

    It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 in the morning!

    Getting hold of your copy of this package could barely be easier.

    Here’s how it works.

    You can order by clicking on either of our secure credit card transaction companys. Click the Paypal order button ,you can either use your Paypal account or if you don’t have one fill in your credit card details (we accept all major credit cards) and press the button. Or click on the red order now graphic to pay you the secure clickbank server. Your bank statement will show paypal Daveh24706 or clickbank ebookprofit- and you’re immediately able to download the entire package which is available in .zip format for faster downloads.

    That means you can literally be reading it within the next 10 minutes – even if it’s 2am!

    So what are you waiting for- order now to avoid disappointment

    I’ll see you in the passport download area

    I wish you all the success

    David Hennebery



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